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Veterans Energy Pipeline

Welcome to Veterans Energy Pipeline, an on-line application designed to help connect veterans with top jobs in the oil and natural gas industry.

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See how your military experience translates to a job in energy
Use this if you are a current or former military service member looking for a job in the oil and natural gas industry. You can search by your military occupation and find related jobs in the industry.

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Veterans have experience that add value to your business
Use this if you are an employer in the energy industry interested in finding military occupations related to your hiring needs. You can search by top civilian jobs in the oil and natural gas industry to find related military occupations.
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Please note that this first version of the Veterans Energy Pipeline is limited to matching military occupations to the top 70 jobs in the Oil and Natural Gas Industry. It also focuses on broad military occupations and not specific specialization areas. However, we will be adding additional occupations and specialties in coming months, so check back often.